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Cloud Raiders Diamonds Hack Generator Tutorial

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  • DONE!

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Cloud Raiders Game Info

Update 7.8.0 codenamed Belt’n’Raid has arrived!

· Battle Gear to your leading 4 objects utilized in raids. We thought that taking a load of consumables into battle wasn’t right – but we didn’t touch your drums, we claim!
· Belt Sets to rapidly switch between PvP and PvE loadouts. Adjusting your loadout by hand every time you move a goal is sooo 7.7.0!
· New Clan Tasks that will help you stand-out in the group with gorgeous Tribe Symbol customization. 11/10 Seagulls enjoyed it!
· Running Occasions were decreased – less time waiting!
· Bombastic and Gauntlet rebalanced – come discover what’s new!
· All monster players rebalanced too – thanks to your ideas! Check out in-game what changed.
· Gold Workouts are actually more effective, growing their Gold productivity. Hurrah!
· Traps are waaay cheaper to rearm!
· Clan Wars: we are nearly there… Visit with our group to learn how they’ll perform!

What is quit? Let us understand! Examine this update on our established Facebook page using the rest of the Cloud Raiders neighborhood! Simply visit https

Cloud Raiders catapults action-strategy to dizzying heights that are new! In a sky stuffed with floating countries, you should dominate them all. The best aspect? You’ve a five million-ton floating island stronghold that will help you get it done! Build your military of questionable raiders and change your area into an impregnable castle of misfortune! Sort blast your opponents from the skies and clans together with your friends!
Standard Page on Facebook: https://
Strengthen your starting with thundering cannons and items that are spellbound, then direct your troopers to fend off criminals and tolerate hordes of adversaries that are skyborne. Pirates that are horrible are merely the first risk coming, therefore rapidly spread their dastardly navy towards the four winds. Practice an army of axe-brandishing grenade, marauders -lobbing bombardiers, fire-breathing so many more fearsome fighters, and dragons to take your foes the fight!
Important characteristics:
★ An Incredible Number Of methods, but just one purpose: Get one other gentlemanis loot!
★ Type clans and combat for international visibility! Challenge the right path to ranked-PvP fame!
★ Demand through an unbelievable campaign across Floating Fortresses, Pirate Rafts, and other exciting airborne challenges!
★ Pit your military against renowned companies and pirate overlords! Rumor has it the cloud forests are roamed by golems that are large, but these are simply tall-tales… right?
★ Summon powerful new units every week to combat by your side!
★ Protect your starting with powerful cannons, clever traps along with other fortifications! Rally your soldiers from their bunkers to fulfill your enemies head-on!
★ Open the full potential of one’s fighters, spells and people by replacing them inside the laboratory!
★ Produce your personal devotees to get a benefit around the battleground! Just don’t let your bombardiers near the brewery… that’s a collision just waiting to occur!
★ Call-In devastating cannon salvos from your Struggle Provider! Uncover your opponents to be obliterated by new ammunition upgrades!

Official recreation trailer /watch?v=-sIhq3D2OYk

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