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Aurcus Online Game Info

◇◆Super thrilling activity with aerial combos! Online RPG (MMO RPG) for smartphones “Aurcus Online”◆◇
Action RPG you are able to enjoy Online on your own smart device is right here!

◆Simple yet serious combat system
Simple touch to produce Proficiency plus the low- liberty is brought by targeting program to combats.
Merge the easyto-control hits and differing Capabilities in order to complete the opponents in aerial combos!
Feel the pleasure acquiring complete control of your identity, as well as the sensible that is exciting action combats!

◆Enjoy the PvP (Player VS Player) with your friends
Area function where you fight against oneanother can be obtained.
It sure is likely to be exciting to fight using the persona you’ve experienced!
Talking with your pals using the Feeling or Chat feature can make the methods actually broader!

◆World of adventure with infinite possibility
Fresh grounds, etc., jobs will undoubtedly be included from improvements. The planet of journey can not stop, and will expand!


The land guarded by the spirits, levaria.
Places have struggled for centuries for liberty and their purchase with swords and wonder.

Many years ago, the advancement of the Black Force introduced disarray that was further to the globe.
Places were perished overnight and several cities were occupied.
Not merely enemies getting wild in the historical animal but also a variety of spots is all about to awaken by death’s dark energy.

The alliance of the nations was unavoidable to deal with the Black Force.
Nevertheless, the most popular foe wasn’t enough to wash away the grudges from the past.

The Galleria Kingdom offered supportive organization’s starting, along with the finish of “Blood Oath”.
That’s an old spell that can not be removed also by the exploitation of the world.

Thus, inside the middle of the Black Force’s beginning and also the discord of the countries,
A stateless firm- Sword of Aurcus was created.

Persons begin to collect to hitch the organization.
And you are one of them today…

[To Begin the Game]

Please read and agree to “Terms of Use”, “Terms of Use Abuse” and “Privacy” around the RPG “Aurcus Online” official site please engage around the “Free Software Download” banner to download the application.


Please contact us via Contact within the official site (see below) for demands or record of problems.
/ contact/

*We prioritize on accounts that arrived via Contact.
*Please note that you can not perform the overall game with the card with insufficient room, or without sd-card.
*Large amount of knowledge will be saved about the original bootup. Please trunk while in the secure relationship environment.


Aurcus Online

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